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ACT Resources for HPL-Trained Educators

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Seminar and Course materials are available to educators who have successfully completed ACT seminar or ACT course training with HPL.


HPL Now Offers Training, Support, and Resources for the ACT

High Progress Literacy’s goal is to open doors by creating access and opportunities together with the information needed so that every student graduates ready for college or a career. We believe that we do this by helping educators to create college- and career-oriented communities within our schools.

College- and career-oriented communities are carefully designed and fostered to support core beliefs about possibility, growth and change for everyone within the community. Community support means that administrators support teachers, students and families; teachers support students, families and one another; older students support younger students; and families support their children and educators to the extent that they are able. The goal is for everyone to learn how to help everyone else by learning and growing together so that we foster agency—the belief that together, we can act strategically to help all of our children to develop, work toward, and succeed with their college and career plans.

We believe that college and career readiness isn’t something that just happens because students get good marks in all of the right classes. Rather, readiness is created through a discreet set of opportunities, actions, and resources. We aim to help you to help your students to create these opportunities and to engage strategically in these actions and resources.

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What we Offer

  • Customized college and career readiness plans for schools
  • One-day seminars for groups of teachers about the ACT and how to infuse ACT-type readings and practice into your regular classes

Resources and practice materials for teaching students how to read and comprehend large amounts of information (similar to what they will have to be able to do to succeed on the ACT and in college courses)

Instructional videos showing how to introduce, demonstrate and teach key skills

  •  Three-day trainings for teachers who will provide semester-long courses to prepare students for the ACT

Daily lesson plans, resources, and practice materials for teaching the course

Instructional videos showing how to introduce, demonstrate, and teach key skills

 Note that HPLA trainings and resources for ACT are available to groups of educators in a school or district—not to individual teachers. Please contact us to discuss a customized package for your school or district.

All of the resources we have developed and will continue to develop will remain available to every teacher we train. Our goal is to help you to build ACT preparation into your college and career offerings so that your school community can continue to learn and grow by engaging in these practices and using these resources year after year.  

Ready for College. Ready for a Career. Ready for Every Opportunity.

We know that upon graduation from high school, students must be ready to engage in post-secondary learning to prepare for a career, or to have already taken the steps necessary to begin working in their chosen field. Readiness means that an individual is adequately prepared for success with their chosen next steps.

The ACT Study of 2006 clearly showed that the most predictive factor for college success is a student’s ability to read and comprehend complex text. Why? Because most college courses require immense amounts of reading. To be college ready, our students must graduate from high school prepared for the reading and writing they will encounter in college,

HPL exists to support educators to ensure that every student learns how to learn from the time they enter school until the time they graduate. Our New Norms for Learning are designed to engage students in learning to read, write, and speak the language of every discipline, every day. Students who know how to browse and preview to locate information and build background, who know how and when to closely read, who know how to take notes and use notes to study and learn, who know how to talk to learn and write to communicate position themselves as lifelong learners.

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