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HPL Video 1: Four Factors Overview

This video provides an overview of the four basic factors we need to be concerned about in order to redesign classrooms for high progress outcomes. (5 min. 30 sec.)

HPL Video 2: A Closer Look at the Four Factors

This video builds on the Four Factors Overview, and takes a closer look at each of the four factors. By the end of this video, you should be able to name the four factors we work on to redesign classrooms for high progress outcomes, and talk just a little about each one. (16 min.)

HPL Video 3: The HPL Goal & Target

This video links the HPL Goal to the research, and explains the Target as a model for change in schools. (10 min.)

What is a Text Set? Building and Using Text Sets in HPL Content Classrooms

A primer for getting started with text sets in HPL. Find out how teachers are building and using them, and find out about our collaborative platform for sharing texts that match your science and social studies standards. 

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