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R2S Course Offerings through HPL

At present, HPLA offers courses only to districts that contract with us for onsite coaching and consulting. Courses are offered as part of the HPL package, and serve as the professional learning part of our onsite support. HPL courses are offered through a combination of face-to-face workshops, school-based PLCs led by approved school leaders, together with coaching support for teachers in their own spaces to implement their learning, and support for work in professional collaborations to deconstruct and dig deeply into the standards, and plan learning experiences and assessments that engage students with text in order to learn. 

The course portals below, are open only to teachers enrolled in courses. To set up a course for your district, contact us

Portals for HPL Course Participants

Course participants can access their course pages by clicking on the icons or course titles below. 

The Foundations of Reading

How do people construct knowledge? How do we teach in ways consistent with what we know about learning? 

Content Reading and Writing for Middle and High School

We know that academic success hinges on the ability to read and write texts in order to learn and communicate within and across disciplines. How do we teach students to do this in ways that truly value the importance of the content we teach?  

Action Research for Coaches

How do we use the tools and the data we collect in HPL to move our classrooms closer and closer to the HPL and R2S goal? Coaches in this course learn how to use HPL tools to conduct Action Research that matters.  

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