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Course Announcements

September 10, 2017

If you are here, it means you have been enrolled in one of the CARW courses being offered in your district.

Now you will complete an online module to get set up for the course for the rest of the year, and complete the enrollement process. 

Enter the units using the Course Module Menu to the right. You must complete each unit before moving on to the next. After finishing a unit, be sure to click the button at the bottom of the page to indicate that you completed it. This will allow you to move to the next unit. 

Here is an advance preview of what you’ll do in Module 1:

Unit 1.1 Logistics: You will complete profile pages for your HPL account, set up a free Box account, and complete your profile page in Box. Then you will learn how to upload documents and comment on them by creating a short Word document that tells about you, uploading it to Box, and commenting on it to send me notification that it is there. 

Unit 1.2  Course Requirements: You will download and read the course syllabus, then fill out the Participant Agreement for the course.

Unit 1.3  Introduction to the Course. You’ll watch a 10 minute video introduction to the CARW course.

Once you successfully complete Module 1, you will receive 6 Gimme Tokens in your Box folder. Gimme Tokens equal about 1 hour apiece, and can be used to make up missed workshop time, PLLC time, or readings.


Course Module Menu

Module 1 Module 1
Unit 1 Unit 1.1: Logistics
Unit 2 Unit 1.2: Course Requirements
Unit 3 Unit 1.3: CARW Course Overview
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Content Area Reading and Writing Bookshelf

Below, you will find links to monthly reading assignments. This month, we will study the Research Summary together.  Download a copy to your machine by clicking the image. 

My Folders

About My Folders

The link at left takes you to the login for Box. After you sign up for a Box account, this is a handy portal for you to use to access the course folder I have shared with you, which contains Reading Response forms for each month. 

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