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What are high progress literacy classrooms?

Classrooms where all students–regardless of family background, gender, ethnicity, or income–consistently reach high levels of academic achievement

What’s New?

Check out our new College and Career Readiness pages under Professional Learning in the main menu! We have lots of ACT resources for teachers who attended our ACT seminar or ACT course training in December.

We’re growing! HPLA has added a High School Specialist. Meet Laura Hubbard on our Contact page.

Check out the work of our new lead associate for curation, Ms. Rachel Jensen. She has been busy making sure that we have texts for every text set on TextDepot’s Science and Social Studies pages!

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What is this high progress literacy site?

A collection of resources for educators who want to embrace scientific research findings clearly demonstrating that…

Every learner can successfully meet high academic standards.
Every learner can learn to focus and build stamina to read, write, think, and concentrate to work through challenging ideas and concepts in texts.
Every learner can learn to be independent, making thoughtful decisions to propel learning, self-regulate, and successfully work toward challenging academic and personal goals.
There are key factors that teachers can address to create high progress outcomes for all learners.
High progress outcomes depend on teachers who actively teach independence, self-regulation, and decision-making processes so students can tackle challenging academic and personal goals.
If children are apparently unable to learn, we should assume that we have not as yet found the right way to teach them.
Dame Marie Clay

Changing outcomes for all learners is what this site is all about.

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