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Welcome to TextDepot, a place to build, store, share, and get text sets selected by educators for educators. TextDepot is free!

TextDepot and High Progress Literacy

High progress literacy practices revolve around engaging students with text. Teachers in high progress classrooms focus on increasing student’s use of literary practices so that they can independently learn content. For this to be feasible, teachers and students must be able to access high-quality informational texts that go beyond textbooks. TextDepot addresses that need.

How does TextDepot work?

TextDepot contains two types of materials: Works that are publicly available on the Internet and works that have been created by educators like you for inclusion in TextDepot. Text sets are organized by content area and topic. Topics are chosen to correspond to most state content standards as well as Common Core State Standards, the C-3 Social Studies Framework, and the Next Generation Science Standards. TextDepot is a work in progress! Collaboration among its members allows us to continue to build new text sets and expand existing text sets. Members access and use existing materials and then share back the materials they discover on the web or author themselves.

How to use TextDepot

Easy. If you don’t already have an account with HPL, simply go to Sign Up in the menu bar at the top and sign up. (Be sure to make note about your username and password so you can come back often!) Then come back to this page and browse by category for text sets that other educators have created. Download what you like. Use the BE AWESOME button on any page to share a text with us for inclusion in a given text set. Note that you will find empty text sets…waiting for you to help to fill! 

Learn more about teaching with text sets

Visit The New Norms for Learning in HPL pages to learn more about teaching students how to use informational texts to learn content–the same ways that historians, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers do. When kids learn the norms for learning content from texts–how to preview, read closely, take notes, talk to monitor and deepen comprehension, and talk and write from notes–they can learn just about anything! Watch the video at the right to learn more about what text sets are and how we build them in TextDepot.


This video provides a good overview of text sets and how we build them in TextDepot. Use the fullscreen button at the bottom of the video to watch in fullscreen. Press escape when you’re finished.

It's Here! Introducting the TextDepot Big Books Project!

Teachers in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade often have a hard time finding texts that teach our science and social studies standards…so we are helping teachers like you to start write and publsih your own electronic big books for Shared Reading in science and social studies!

The TextDepot Big Books Project is a work in progress–driven by teachers for students. 

Check out what we have so far, and check back often. We are publishing new books every week!

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The Dust Bowl

Using a Text Set

Properties of Light

Solar System

Learning Content from Informational Text

Three Branches of Government


The No Nonsense Fine Print

The materials in TextDepot are intended exclusively for educational purposes. We have done our best to include only materials that are publicly available and that do not appear to infringe on anyone’s profiting from creative works. This is the intent of fair use laws, though we are not attorneys. We leave it to teachers, schools, and school districts to adhere to all copyright laws. We act as a repository of text sets. We review materials to ascertain that the work will represent a reasonable addition to a collection of educational text sets, though we do not check for accuracy and we do not exclude works that include opinions. We believe that good instruction includes teaching students how to sort out and evaluate sources of information and to identify primary sources.

The works in the TextDepot are in PDF files. This is to make their use as practical as possible in classrooms. It is not intended to make the work look original or to detract from the author’s original format. For texts that have been found on the Internet, we provide the web address and encourage TextDepot users to visit the address for more information. The PDF format is due to our awareness that many schools still do not have good Internet access or access for each individual student. We believe in universal access and look forward to the day when TextDepot can simply reference information on the web without altering the original format.