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Shared Reading Experiences (SREs): Using Holdaway’s Natural Learning Model

Holdaway’s Natural Learning Model & Shared Reading Experiences

Shared Reading Experiences make use of Don Holdaway’s Natural Learning Model. This document lines up the Natural Learning Model with the predictable structures used in Shared Reading Experiences.

Holdaway's Natural Learning Model and SREs

Shared Reading Experiences

This one-page document outlines the goals of Shared Reading and lists daily routines.

Shared Reading Experiences 1-Pager

Shared Reading Experiences: High Support for Every Reader

This 3-page document provides a bit more support for how to do SREs using Holdaway’s Natural Learning Model. It includes a sample schedule for getting started with SREs in a 4th grade classroom.

SREs: High Support for Every Reader Document

Complex Text or Frustration Level Text: Using Shared Reading to Bridge the Difference

In this article by Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl, published in The Reading Teacher, the author endorses shared reading as a way to make difficult texts accessible to students.

Complex Text or Frustration-level Text Article

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