Talking from Notes

One of the New Norms for Learning in HPL

Building Background. Making Meaning. Constructing Understandings.

Talking from Notes: One of the New Norms for Learning

Talking from Notes requires figuring out how to explain and summarize our current understandings and relate what we already know to what we are learning. In the process of explaining and summarizing, we not only deepen our own emerging understandings, but we also surface our partial understandings, misunderstandings, and questions.

Talking from Notes is a constructive, social, structured, interactive process that engages students in academic talk about content. It allows them to teach and to learn from one another. It gives them the time and support they need to construct explanations and arguments. It supports them in learning to back up their claims with evidence from texts, and to reference the text where they found their information. And Talking from Notes provides teachers a unique opportunity to formatively assess where students are in their understandings of content, concepts and relationships. 

Video: Talking from Notes

Talk is a powerful tool both for building understandings and self-checking understandings. In HPL, we use social talk and self-talk to build and monitor comprehension of disciplinary texts. 

Talking from Notes Anchor Chart

Teaching all of the New Norms is accomplished the same way. First, demonstrate it, asking students to notice exactly what you do. Then have the students name those actions while you record them on an Anchor Chart. Post the Anchor Chart in your room where all students can see it and use it. Each time students preview, closely read, take notes, or talk from notes, refer them to the Anchor Chart that will guide their actions. Anchor Charts serve as a scaffold between your instruction and independent action.

Video: The Power of Talk. Talking to Learn & Monitor.

Learn more about the power of student to student talk in this video. Academic talk and self-talk are built into all of the New Norms for Learning. Students learn to use explaining as a way to build and deepen their understandings about content and concepts across the disciplines. 

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