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About HPLA: Who we Are. What we Do.

This site was created and is maintained by High Progress Literacy Associates, LLC. We are an educational consulting firm dedicated to helping all students become “high progress” learners–that is, students who know how to learn across every discipline. We know that not only is this possible, it is an opportunity that is passionately embraced by students who are lucky enough to be in classrooms where teachers adopt the tenets of high progress literacy.

Our work focuses on helping administrators, teachers, and students create these classrooms. We do this by:

  • Working side-by-side with teachers and instructional leaders
  • Providing Professional Learning Experiences for leaders and teachers
  • Providing demonstration lessons in classrooms
  • Coaching, reflecting, goal-setting, and creating action plans
  • Providing instructional videos
  • Providing assessment tools
  • Curating content materials to promote high progress classrooms

It is typically a combination of these practices that bring the best results. (By “results” we mean student learning that results in higher achievement, which in our experience, is almost always reflected in student test scores.)

Districts and schools have different needs. To find out what will work best for you, contact us!

HPL is…magic! I just don’t know how else to describe what has happened in my classroom this year…  I cannot believe how fast they [the students] are learning. Parents come up to me constantly saying, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing this year, but my child is loving it!’ My lowest readers were reading at a higher level at the end of November than my highest readers were at the end of the year last year. And the writing? You just wouldn’t believe it. It’s magic!
HPL Kindergarten Teacher

I was skeptical. I didn’t think kids could do this kind of work…and then I saw them do it. I’m convinced this is the way to reach and teach kids.
HPL High School Teacher

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High Progress Literacy Associates is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. We are available to work with schools and districts throughout the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us by emailing Jennifer at JYoung@HPLiteracy.com

Taking notes in social studies-4th grade
What is a High Progress Literacy Associate?
We consider anyone who embraces the tenets of high progress literacy and who demonstrates an understanding of these tenets as evidenced through practice, a High Progress Literacy Associate. Currently this is an informal recognition, but we have plans to develop a more formal process in the future. We believe that teachers and instructional leaders who transform classrooms and schools into vibrant high progress learning communities should be recognized—and we want to do that!

Our “lead associates” are our company employees and consultants who support the work of our school-based associates. These are the folk who develop and promote this website and other materials.

HPLA Lead Associates
Our lead associates are dedicated to assisting you to transform your classrooms into high progress literacy classrooms.
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Jennifer Young is the founding associate of High Progress Literacy Associates. Her life-long interest in how people learn to make sense of the world through experience and language eventually led her to form a company to support teachers, students, and school leaders to make our classrooms reflect the real life ways people make sense of concepts, content, texts, and life. 

Jennifer’s experiences include classroom teaching, curriculum and instruction at the school and district levels, and coaching in the South Carolina Reading Initiative, South Carolina Reading First,and for the SCDE’s Office of Literacy and Early Learning. She has expertise in designing and implementing interventions through years of experience as a Reading Recovery teacher and teacher leader, SC Reading First Intervention Trainer, RTI Intervention Specialist for the SCDE, and Literacy Specialist for the SCDE. 

Beginning in 2011, Jennifer headed up a research team charged with exploring how to make practical the descriptions of high progress literacy classrooms in the research. She has been a high progress literacy educator ever since.

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Blue Hubbard is lead associate for instructional leadership at High Progress Literacy Associates. Her background includes experiences at the elementary, middle, high school, and district levels as district K-12 Coordinator for Curriculum & Instruction, assistant high school principal, curriculum specialist at the high school and upper elementary levels, English Language Arts Coordinator, Literacy Coach, Title I Facilitator, Reading Interventionist, and classroom teacher. She has served on school and district accreditation teams, as coordinator for district level teacher evaluation programs, and has worked on teams to transform struggling schools and districts.

Blue brings an intense passion for learning to HPLA, helping to fuel our commitment to building the capacity of administrators, teachers, and students to create school communities focused on learning how to learn. Her experiences make her uniquely qualified to support and assist leaders in analyzing data and available resources to create systems and structures that build a culture of learning focused on continuous growth.

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Corey Hunter is the lead associate for curation for High Progress Literacy’s TextDepot, responsible for locating articles and resources to create text sets and support instructors to incorporate best practices in using texts to learn across the curriculum. She works hands-on with teachers to design lessons and curate culturally responsive and diverse text sets for ELA classrooms so that students can read about kids who look like them. She is also the content creator of the video series about study skills and time management for adolescents currently in development at HPLA.

Corey has been in education for 17 years, with 15 years of classroom experience at the middle and high school levels in South Carolina as well as academic editing for a test-prep start-up in California. She is certified K-12 in Spanish and Educational Administration. She is currently a full-time mother of three, working for High Progress Literacy as an at-home consultant.

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Laura Hubbard is High Progress Literacy’s high school specialist. She has worked with students from ages 8 to 45, helping students develop skills ranging from reading to multivariable calculus and beyond, by giving them the agency to take control of their own learning.

An avid writer, Laura holds a B.S. in Biology from Duke University. Her experiences include curriculum development for online and in-person courses, one-on-one teaching, and guiding students and their parents through the college preparation process. Her dream is to help make lifelong learning–whether through college or technical school–an option for all students rather than just a dream.

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Michael Seaman is lead associate for research and IT. With expertise and experience in research, he advises associates regarding the latest research in high progress literacy and how to apply these research findings in classrooms. Michael consults with districts on application of research, evaluation of educational programs, and educational assessment.  Additionally, he heads up web development and helps to fully integrate the use of technology in our work.

Michael holds a PhD. in Quantitative Methods in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He currently teaches research methods and statistics for graduate students at the University of South Carolina. He also worked in college administration at the UofSC for 15 years as a department chair, associate dean for administration and research, executive associate dean, and special assistant to the dean of education.

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