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You can know someting but still not know how to do it. HPL makes the conceptual very practical for teachers and leaders. You show us what to do and how to do it. Then you show us how to observe and what to observe for so we can tell when it’s working and when it’s not.

Read to Succeed Coach

R2S Courses

We offer R2S courses only to districts that contract with us for onsite coaching and professional learning. These districts receive R2S courses as part of a professional learning package at no additional charge. We do not offer courses to individuals or to districts with whom we do not have a coaching and consulting relationship.

Course delivery for HPL districts  is mostly job-embedded. We provide professional learning in PLLCs (Professional Literacy Learning Communities), reading response discussion groups, and 3 all-day workshops offered either on PD days or Saturdays.

Teachers are expected to take what they learn in PLLCs, workshops, and through their readings and implement these practices in their classrooms. Through onsite coaching of instructional leaders and teachers, we do what R2S is intended to do: change classroom practices to align with the research on engaged reading in high progress classrooms.

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We offer R2S courses as part of a comprehensive professional learning package for districts.

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